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2013-11-20 Sunday River


Active member
Mar 16, 2003
Bryant Pond, Maine
Had a day off and a decent opportunity to get the skis out and enjoy. First skiing of the season, I'd have been happy to get 4 runs in before my quads gave out. I got in 7 nonstop runs and am only feeling the quads a little bit! Working at the river, taking care of some of the condos, I traverse the floors and stairs several times daily, keeps me in shape apparently.

I arrived a little early and just wandered around the lodge and then as time grew near, I saw a ski school heading over. So I booted up and got out there. The instructor was chatting up his charges before the corral, so I headed to the front of the line. First day, first chair, Right stuff calling me.... what could be better. With all the recent rain, I was impressed there was even snow on the trails. It was crunchy first thing, but consistent all the way down to Sunday Punch, where the snow guns were blowing and the snow was different from there to the lift. Softer, maybe a bit stickier.

I skied pretty much everything that was open, except the terrain park and Monday Morning. I just kept out of the terrain park and Monday Morning was getting blanketed by snow guns, which meant constantly wiping your goggles. I headed over to South Ridge to see what was offered over there in the beginner area. To the right, a sign that said un-groomed, to the left, advanced only. The river is advising only intermediate and advanced skiers, heed their advice. They are blowing snow all over the beginner area, it won't be long until the area is ready for beginners!