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2016-2017 Ski Voucher and BOGO thread


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Jan 26, 2011
Many AZ'ers have vouchers, lift tickets, BOGOs, etc. that they either cant or wont use during the course of the season.

This is a ticket swap thread, so it shouldn't get cluttered with tons of posts like the "Skiing on the Cheap" thread does. Please make sure to list ALL restrictions for what you're offering (e.g. no holiday's, M-F only, S-F only, expires January 31, 2017, valid 03/01/17 to close, etc.) and make sure your offer is in fact transferable.

Other than posting what you have to offer in a trade and the mountains you seek in return, the bulk of the communication should take place in the form or PM (i.e. we don't need 8 posts negotiating a trade).

Please edit your post with "GONE" if an item listed in your post's inventory has been traded & no longer available.

Thanks, and happy skiing this winter. THINK SNOW!


Dec 7, 2014
This already exists.


It didnt get stickied this year for some reason, which is why it's not being used I imagine.

Guess, I can get the Sunapee vouchers bumped by using this thread, adding a few other so it doesn't feel like cross posting.

The wife had a fall at magic which ended her season (and likely will eliminate next years skiing too according to ortho)
Due to that and not getting it while it was great, we have some vouchers that need to be put to use

I have (3) physical Complimentary Certificates for Mt Sunapee, 7 days a week non holiday, no remaining black out dates.

I am hopeful that someone out there has something they'd be willing to swap that is near or in CT (Blanford, Catamount, Butternut,Mt Southington, Mohawk, Sundown, Berkshire East, Bousquet, Etc) A big plus if they have night skiing. Simply put I can take the kids out in the evening easier/ more often then taking them up to Vermont on a weekend.

I have some warren miller left overs as well. They are the paper print out vouchers, P/M me regarding the fine print

(2) Gore Mt vouchers, BOGO, no restrictions other then both tickets used same day, No remaining black out dates

(2) Sugarbush vouchers, M-F non holiday good for rest of season, No remaining black out dates

(2) Gunstock vouchers for a free flex pass valid for 50% of full price prime time and night time tickets, no restrictions

Honestly, I want somebody else enjoy their season. I'd rather see them being used then wasted. P/M me if interested