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25% off 2/8-2/9 weekend lift tickets for AZ'ers at Whaleback!


New member
Dec 30, 2013
Hi guys, Whaleback is offering 25% off our weekend lift tickets this weekend. So instead of $40, you would pay $30. The pub is open, we've got great snow on face, and the terrain park is sick. Dylan worked his *ss off putting in a ton of jumps and obstacles. There's a link below of my 6 year old rocking the tire and barrel! Our pub is open- we have switchback, harpoon UFO and IPA on tap. And of course we have PBR fatties. The kitchen is now being run by Patty, who owns the baited hook here on Mascoma Lake, and the food is getting awesome reviews!!!

And of course, lift tickets during the week are only $20, so if Wednesday is a snow day, I'll be here skiing all day! You should too!

Like before, just pm me your name and I'll add it to our list. You can just give your name when you buy your ticket. Hope to see you there!