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3/25/2018 Jack Frost, PA


Dec 16, 2013
Upper Bucks/Lehigh Valley, PA
Just got back from a great late March day at Jackson Frost. Surprised to arrive to a couple fresh inches of snow this morning. The woods are still in play although by noon it was obvious that its thinning out in places. Conditions were straight up dust on crust off the trails. Pretty hard where its been ridden and crusty otherwise. Conditions on the trails were great packed powder although started getting slow as the sun came out. The upper sections of T-bolt glade and Happyland were great. Also checked out Mad Tree to the right of Telstar. Those were fun, tighter than Solstice.*

Saw somebody drop over the edge of River Shot and decided to give Elevator a look. It's very much skiable and probably has been all week. The top was seriously bumped up. I took one run down Elevator and the combination of really steep pitch and massive bumps was hard to deal with. Something I'd like to work on. If you can ski that confidently then you are a good skier.*

All in all a pretty darn good day for late March in PA. Will be back after the rain to wrap up the season next weekend and probably one more time in mid April when its nice an warm for BB's last day.