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9-12-09 West Thompson Lake


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Jan 18, 2006
Brooklyn, CT
Got to the parking lot about 9:30 curious to see what the rain of the last 24hrs did to the trails. All in in not too much! The standard slick wet pine needles/leaves and some slick rock surface, and my nemesis today, the diagonal wet log crossings :eek: Ended up take a real nice long ride today. Just over 11 miles, just over 2 hours in the saddle, and just under 3000 feet of climbing. Rode the Orange all the way out to Red Bridge Road where I did a little pavement work for a mile or so if for no other reason than to give me a chance to fling some mud off my tires and get a good few swigs of water from the camelback. On the way back, took the Orange down to the red bridge and then crossed over the bridge and rode the yellow on the East side of the Lake down to where the rock garden section starts, then turned around and rode back to and across the red bridge and on down the yellow. Made it real close to where the yellow near the lake deposits you out into the field when I came across a sign that DEFINATELY got my attention "WARNING Field Dog Training ahead, LIVE ammunition in use, use a different trail" :eek: Well after hearing the on/off sounds of shotgun fire throughout the morning, I headed this warning and took the inner yellow back to the lake shelters and then around behind the folks with the guns, across the yellow work road and back the the 1st section of the orange to the parking lot.

A good morning on the trails!


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Jun 15, 2007
Awesome!! Sounds like a nice ride especially with the 11 miles and 3000 feet of climbing.