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AZ Challenge 2011 Results: Jesse Boyd of Peak Resorts


New member
Dec 5, 2006
Derry, NH

At our regular rates we offer 9 nights of racing for $99 with a season pass or $139 including a lift ticket for each night. This averages out to a price of to a little more than $15/night for racing and a lift ticket and $11/night for pass-holders. Per night of racing I think you will find these rates are competitive or even less expensive than local mountains especially when season pass rates are considered.

Someone should tell Crotched about the $139 including tickets. At least up till last year, no one ever heard that. It was the cost of registering the team, *PLUS* a lift tickets per night.

Even the web site doesn't support this.

Update: I found the $139. I swear we looked at it something like two years ago, and was told each racer had to buy their own lift ticket for the night. Still ends up costing about $973 for a team of 7, versus $650 for Pats Peak. :-(
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