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Berkshire East 11/29/2014


New member
Dec 6, 2007
Shelburne Falls, MA
Berkshire East opening day
Packed powder, machine groomed, powder! Rocks!
Sunny and cold.

Skinned and then rode the chair for a few runs this morning. New summit quad isn't open yet so they were running the other summit lift. Conditions were limited but excellent. Groomers did a nice job with what they had. Transitions and the bottom were a little dirty, icey and bare. It was obvious they rushed a bit to get open but the product they put out was decent, Chief, Lower Comp were excellent. It's great seeing my home mountain open in November for the first time ever!
I decided to ski a couple runs down trails I knew had zero base. Liftline and Flying Cloud skied beautifully but the foot of snow really wasn't enough to cover rocks and I took a sizable chunk out of my skis.