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Blue Mountain - PA


Active member
Jun 24, 2013
Barto, Pennsylvania
Just thought I would drop a quick report on opening day at our local hill Blue Mountain. Lets just say, Blue was exactly what I expected for opening day. Big crowds (mainly due to only a few lifts open) and choppy conditions (lower parts were classic spring day/frozen night stuff). The morning wasn't too bad with limited people on upper main street. However, around lunch, it basically became the Schuylkill during rush hour traffic! Not matter what, it was a fun day to get the legs stretched out for a bit. Even if they tighten back up again in the 20 minute wait lines..... Anyway, they are hoping to get lazy mile open and challenger up and running by Sunday.

As a followup, Blue kicked ass this Sunday. They got lazy mile open, open trails were covered and the place was empty. Way to go Blue. Shot out to the 2 other carvers on the mountain.
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