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Bolton Valley 3/15, 3/16


Active member
Jan 28, 2007
Southern Vermont
Spent two half days at Bolton Valley this week enjoying the 4 feet of snow they've received in the past week. Afte the Nor'easter passed, the upslope machine kicked into high gear. I stayed in Barre where it really wasn't snowing either day and it was snowing HARD both days while I was up high at Bolton Valley. The upper mountain lift was closed for wind both days, but the Timberline lift provided all the fun I needed. I skied just about every run off of these lifts...deep deep powder in the woods, a couple trails with small bumps underneath a nice top coat of powder, huge drifts of snow all over the place. It was a great two days and I'll definitely go back to check out the upper mountain when I can. Highlights were Doug's Woods and the upper part of Adams Solitude. Also a tiny trail simply called "Glade" off of the mid-mountain lift.
I didn't bother trying to take photos in the snow while skiing, but got one in the parking lot to capture an idea of just how much snow is up there:


Feb 17, 2012
Sounds like you hit it just right. The few times I've been to Bolton it's never been near 100% open. Had an awful/morbid thought when I saw that picture of the car; that it belonged to a skier missing or injured on the mountain, but obviously more likely a disabled vehicle left there by a guest or employee (who hopefully notified management).