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Bradbury Mt. 4/30


New member
Nov 19, 2008
Augusta, Maine
Decided to take an early start to the Birthday Weekend and cut out of work early to ride at Bradbury.

It was a good decision :)

Got to the parking lot at 2. Geared up and decided to hit the singletrack across the road. I have mentioned it before but Bradbury has two areas for riding: 1) the main mountain area and, 2) the east side across the road. Both have stuff but I prefer east side.


Decided to ride a few areas I hadn't before. Did the following:

Link Trail -> Snowmobile Trail -> Fox West -> Snowmobile Trail to -> Fox East -> Ginn -> Ragan -> Lanzo -> (new trail called Island something) -> Lanzo -> Lot.

All in all, a little over 7 miles in an hour and a half. I hadn't been on several of those and was thoroughly pleased. There was something for everyone. The Snowmobile trail was bleh but if you are just starting out it is something to do. Fox West is an IMBA trail with several bridges and a few stunts thrown in. Ragan from the top had several rollers and a few places you could huck if you wanted to. You could tell some guys into that had worked in trail. Easily my new favorite trail there. Very flowy and a ton of fun.

The new trail "Island ..." was in good shape. You can tell people are still trying to burn it in. Very sharp turns and a few bridges that are damn hard to get on. (since you come at them at an uphill angle between two trees) I didn't make it. Very fun and I will be sure to include it in my next ride.

Bradbury is great. I could have been there several more hours and not hit everything. I ran into more bikers than usual...I think 5 or 6 on trail. Some were damn good. Saw one guy with a rigid just tearing it up. Looking forward to getting down there in the upcoming weeks.

Sorry no pics...forgot my camera at home.