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Bretton Woods 12.31.2012


New member
Jan 4, 2012
Hollis, NH
Date: 12.31.2012
Resort: Bretton Woods
Condition: Powder & Skier Packed Powder
Trip Report:

Good day at Bretton Woods today. Coverage was better than usual for December with an advertised 94% of their terrain open. Pretty sure that estimate was fairly accurate as there were only a half dozen or less ropes remaining.

I spent most of the time skiing the left over stashes of powder (6-8") in the trees. Best part was exploring the new area east of Rosebrook via their new t-bar. The steeper glades at Rosebrook were starting to ski thin so another snowfall is probably required soon to keep them in good shape. West Mountain glades had better coverage but you'll be digging deep into the scrub brush for fresh tracks there.

If you're staying on the trails, they had a good base and should groom up quite nicely unless a wet weather event occurs.

Bethlehem Express opened about an hour late and ran a little slow today. Only story I got was that it didn't like the cold.