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Bretton Woods 2/1-2/3


New member
Dec 23, 2011
Date(s) Skied:
Friday 2/1, Saturday 2/2, Sunday 2/3

Resort or Ski Area:
Bretton Woods

Variable, granular, packed powder, ice

Trip Report:
I will start by saying that each day got considerably better than the previous. Got up mid afternoon Friday. I assumed that the snowpack would be icey at best considering the day before it was 60 and raining out only to drop into the teens Thursday night. I was here a few weeks ago and it is crazy how much a couple 60 degree days and rain can just absolutely destroy a mountain.

Friday 2/1
Cold, windy and icey. What I like to call a great recipe for shredding the slopes. Coverage was minimal at best. You could only ride in the middle of the trails. Exposure was everywhere. It looked more like a golf course than a ski resort. There was some snow, but over all the whole mountain was a sheet of ice.

Saturday 2/2
Wind had subsided, but still cold. Partly cloudy with temps in the teens.
Better than Friday that's for sure, but still not saying much. They blew snow all day Friday into the night. Must say the groomers did a hell of a job resurfacing the mountain after seeing it Friday. Ice had been cut down substantially and it actually felt like riding on snow.

Snow pack still left a lot to be desired. Very crusty and granular.

Sunday 2/3
Sun was shining, mid 20's, snow was soft. Can't really beat that. Best Day out of the 3 I was there. They continued to make snow and wow what a difference a few days of snow making and some good grooming can do. Plus it was dead, we were riding onto the lift.

All I can say is that today would have been a great day to be there.