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Bretton Woods 27Jan15 (storm day)


Well-known member
Nov 8, 2006
Newmarket, NH
Waking up around 6:30 in the MWV we were bummed to see barely any snow had fallen. Maybe by 8:30 it was snowing pretty strong. We opted for BW and got there by 10 and it was puking snow with strong winds. We were there the day before so we knew what was under the fresh snow and some of it was ugly.

Every damn run was good and got better as the day went. There weren't enough people there to chew the fresh up much so untracked was available all day. It was cold, to the point where I had to take several breaks to warm the toes but we kept going back out because it was so good. We hit the glades lookers left of the West Mountain quad and they were surprisingly nice. We love the glades there but there was so much fresh snow everywhere we didn't make them a priority. I quit at around 3:40 with frozen toes. It was still dumping hard when we left. It was like being in a snow globe all day.

Very sorry, but it was too damn cold for pics. Otherwise, I would have taken a ton. We figure the excellent snow quality was due to the low temps. Best day of the year.

Then I did a drive back home to the coast storming the whole way. Made pretty good time because I'm one of the few stupid enough to be out there.


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Mar 20, 2013
I was a bit surprised at how empty it was at pats yesterday, too. When I was getting my ticket and waiting for a 2fer partner, they must have received 3 calls asking if they were open! I'm sure the travel ban in mass had something to do with the turnout as well.

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