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Bretton Woods - 3/16/18


Active member
Nov 18, 2008
I wanted to get in on this storm action, so took today off. Was thinking either Cannon or BW, and opted for BW since it looked like wind could be an issue today. Usually I'd day trip it, but I noticed a spring special up at the fancy sounding "Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa", so drove up there last night. Turned out to be a good move since the place had a very relaxing vibe and I slept like a baby, had a good breakfast buffet, and then leisurely made my way over to BW to catch the opening of the lifts.

They are 100% open and had gotten a couple inches of fresh powder overnight, so I did the usual drill of hitting some groomers first to suck up that floaty fresh coating. Once that was used up I started hitting the glades, bump runs, and ungroomed areas. The coverage is nice and deep. I couldn't go into completely untracked snow since my skis weren't wide enough (or my powder skills were too unworthy), and I'd sink down to my knees and get stuck. No matter, everything I could handle was a blast, and since the terrain is kind of mellow I went bell to bell without my legs completely dying.

The weather felt like late January or something, hovering around 20 or so and quite breezy at times. I started out dressed pretty warm, but after an hour I stopped back in the lodge to put on an extra shirt, and put on some boot gloves since my toes were starting to freeze. After that it was all good. It was also snow flurries for most of the day.

I didn't get to take any pictures since the cold promptly killed my phone battery, but it looked a lot like the pictures in the other recent trip reports, with deep coverage, inviting glades, and happy skiers.

Favorite trails today were Snake (nice soft bumps), the Rosebrook glades, Glade West, and Aggassiz.