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Bromley Saturday 12/12


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Sep 17, 2012
Resort or Ski Area
Bromley Mountain
Dec 12, 2020
Snow Conditions
  1. Cord
After a one-day opening on a WROD Sunday of thanksgiving weekend, Bromley more fully opened today (though they will close Mon-Wed then open full time). Trial count was more like a typical thanksgiving - Upper Twister, Corkscrew, West Meadow, Lower Boulevard - but base depth and width was significant and more like this time of year. They are certainly a few weeks behind a typical year due to weather. Given cold this week (and snow? Please!!) They should put a dent in that deficit. Conditions were good - just warm enough to loosen it up and no underlying ice/hard packed. Corkscrew was whale skiing and lots of fun with good gun powder. I even got into Sunder - natural snow but also blow in from snowmaking on Twister. Only issue was fog as clouds dropped with incoming storm.

Pics are actually from Wednesday skin up the mountain. Not good pic taking today.

not sure how to rotate