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Cannon 12/23/16


Active member
Mar 25, 2004
Boston, MA
Date: 12/23/16
Resort: Cannon Mt
Conditions: Primarily icy. Some powder on the edges, in moguls, but a lot of really hard packed, icy cover.

Report: Just came back from my first day out. Actually 1/2 day. Started at noon, lasted until 3 PM. Legs were definitely not up to the challenge, but then again, they never are. I find that the only conditioning that really gets my legs ready for skiing IS skiing, so no surprise that legs were cooked in about 2 hours and the last hour was just me being stubborn.

The recent rain and refreeze did make itself known throughout the mountain, although the snowmakers and groomers did a fairly decent job making the mountain skiable.
Still, most of the trails in the middle of the mountain where Cannon always funnels all the traffic had just sheets of super hard pack cover that I just could not bite into. Yet, there were a number of places on Vista Way, Tramway and Upper Cannon that skied really well, but you had to look for where the snow was. Avalanche, Banshee had some nice cover and the best skiing was on Jasper's. The recent natural snowfall was not groomed there and I even managed to find enough untracked to add a 3 or 4 turns of my own pow signature to the existing tracks. Too bad that one had to endure quite a bit of sideways sliding on the ice to get to these short moments of joy.
The weather was stellar so overall I was quite happy to be out and start my season. There is snow in the forecast for tomorrow (12/24) so let's hope that the mountain gets all it can.