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Cannon Mountain, Saturday 12-24-16


Mar 25, 2013
I was able to ski for 4 hours on Saturday. I took two warm up runs off the quad and then made my way over to the new Valar T-bar on the Taft Training Slope. It opened for the first time a few minutes past 9 am. There were about a dozen of us there to make lap after lap for the first hour before more people came over. It was smooth, fast, perfectly groomed man made snow just soft enough to sink a real nice edge. The other run open off the T-bar listed on a sign as TBD had the same
conditions. I also really liked Taft Slalom and there was real nice snow on Avalanche just to the left of the mogul field on the right side of the slope. For some reason I didn't ski Vista and am now sorry that I didn't after reading some reports about how good it was on Friday.