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Carter Dome/19-Mile Brook Loop


New member
Feb 28, 2012
North of the Notch

Hiked 10+/- miles yesterday up the 19-Mile Brook Trail to Carter Dome Trail to visit Mt. Hight. I previously made the Carter/Wildcat traverse but skipped Mt. Hight in order to make it to the hut in time for dinner. I was told that I missed the best views of the range, and I'd agree with that after making Hight yesterday.

19-Mile Brook Trail is undergoing major work for rerouting and reconstruction of a bridge. The crew was almost finished with the bridge when I passed by on the way out - it looks fantastic. The water crossing previously had rocks placed to make it crossable - now the crew has added planks to make it no problem whatsoever.

The steep descent from Carter Dome into the notch, though, provided some of the best views of the day (picture in post from Carter Dome lookout). The cliff faces flanking the notch are always impressive.

All told, glad I made it back to visit Mt. Hight and glad that the trail is getting some love.


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