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Chondola Fell Off Last Night at Sunday River

Old Glory

New member
Feb 23, 2022

NEWRY, ME (February 23, 2022) - At 5:37PM, a gondola cabin detached from the haul rope of the resort’s Chondola lift as a result of a high gust of wind causing the cabin to misfeed into the top terminal of the lift. The cabin fell approximately 10 feet and was occupied by one guest who sustained minor injuries and was transported to the base of the mountain by ski patrol and released. The guest is a 17-year-old and was released to a parent.

Due to increasing winds, the lift was being unloaded and running at half speed under high wind protocol at the time of the incident. All guests remaining on the lift were safely unloaded and night skiing operations were suspended.


Well-known member
Sep 5, 2014
Northwood, NH (Sunday River, ME)
Sad they dropped one with someone inside. They dropped one a few years back while they were racking them on the top storage rack in wind, that one got blown off the rail. Totalled the cabin, guessing this one will be too. Hope the rider really had minor injuries and recovers quickly. New protocols on the Chondi will likely come from this.