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Cleaning out old gear

Puck it

Well-known member
Oct 26, 2006
Franconia, NH
Head RS100 27.5. These have been tweeked for a wide foot and ankle. $35 or Best offer.

2005 Head iRaces 177cm with Tyrolia FF17's - $150 or BO Great shape, No repair to bases

Fischer Prophetes 180cm - $150 or BO Great shape, No repair to bases. Drilled once for 317BSL Marker Dukes. They have quiver killers installed in them.

Head Monster(Red and Black) 88's 175cm with white Mojo 15's - These are the last year of the Monster series before Head ruined them and switched to the Peak series. $175 or BO Fair Shape Couple core shots repair still a lot of life in the ski.
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