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Continental Mountain King 29in Tire - Clincher

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Jun 3, 2008
Continental Mountain King 29in Tire - Clincher

29ers are made for speed, but they can't do it alone. Without the right tire, 29-inch wheels are just metal hoops. Not ideal for anything but trundling. The Continental Mountain King 29er Tire is designed to take full advantage of a wheel's speedy properties, because riding on a big rim is a lot more fun than the alternative.
This is the Performance version of the Mountain King, which aims for the ideal cross-country ride courtesy of its Conti Pure Grip compound construction. Pure Grip sits just below Black Chili in Continental's compound family tree, and its key benefit is, as you might have guessed, grip. It's not just purely about grip, though. The compound is durable and long-lasting. The low-profile center knobs, with their self-cleaning, open tread design, complement Pure Grip's cross-country properties by reducing rolling resistance.
The Continental Mountain King 29-inch Performance Tire is a clincher with a folding bead. It's available in two sizes, 29 x 2.2 and 29 x 2.4.

Price: $17.99 (59% Off!)
Regularly: $44.95

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