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Crash Course on Sugarloaf's Ski Lifts


Jan 2, 2013
With the Alpine Zone Summit coming around this weekend, I figured I would post a some information on the kinds of ski lifts Sugarloaf has.
(Source: skilifts.org)

Bateau T-Bar (formerly #3 T-Bar)
Built by Constam in 1958, received new t's in the 1980's and was almost going to be removed once Spillway was built, but someone was visionary enough to save it.
Bucksaw (Double)
Built by Stadeli in 1969. Only runs on weekends. First chairlift at Sugarloaf.
Sawduster (Double)
Built by Stadeli in 1970.
Double Runner West (Double)
Built by Borvig in 1973. The lift towers were built in "double double" fashion to allow for another double to be built next to it if sufficient demand (which took place the following season).
Double Runner East (Double)
Built by Borvig in 1974. Completed the double double.
West Mountain (Double)
Built in 1984 by Borvig. Perhaps the longest chairlift I have ever been on (239 chairs)
Snubber (Triple)
Built by Borvig in 1985.
King Pine (Quad)
Built by Borvig in 1988.
Whiffletree (Quad)
Built by Borvig in 1988. Later moved to become Timberline Quad.
Skidway (Double)
Built by Borvig. Likely moved from lower half of Snubber (New England Ski History .com)
SuperQuad (Detachable Quad)
Built by Garaventa CTEC in 1994.
Whiffletree (Detachable Quad)
Built by Garaventa CTEC in 1997.
Timberline (Quad)
Moved from Whiffletree.
Skyline (Quad with loading conveyor)
Built by Doppelmayr in 2011)

Notable Former Lifts
Gondola (4 Passenger)
Built by PHB (installed by locals and one PHB engineer who spoke only Italian) in 1965.
Spillway East (Double)
Built by Borvig in 1975.
Spillway West (Double)
Built by Borvig in 1983.

Many old t-bars
Built by Constam 1956-early 1960's.