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Elk Mountain 1-17-2016


New member
Jan 26, 2004
New Jersey
We all know the start of this ski year has been one of the worst in most of our lifetimes. That's why I'm writing this to give them credit. Most of the top to bottom runs were open and in good shape (though clearly on artificial snow). Not only was the bump run under the quad open, it was actually really good. Nice tight-ish bumps with good zippers and plenty of snow. Beyond all expectations.

The ride home was crazy. What appeared to be a minor snow squall on 380 turned out to be some sort of ice event. Makes sense in hindsight as it was one of those moist days that felt a lot colder than the actual temperature (upper 20s). Must have been 15 cars off the road in just a few miles. At least one flipped and one was on fire.


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Dec 4, 2010
Thanks for the TR, heading to Elk for their Winterfest day Friday, should be good with these cold temps all week. Curious to see how this Spring plays out at Elk. They must hit 100 days of operation or they refund part of their season pass holder's payments. They usually close early with lots of snow as soon as they hit 100 days. The slow start to the season could mean a longer Spring season at Elk.
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