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European Refuge Crisis


Well-known member
Feb 5, 2014
What do people think about the refuge crisis in Europe?

My take is that this is a huge problem for two reasons:
1) There are little to no controls as to who is entering Europe; and
2) Many more refuges will come than Europe can afford to absorb.

Think about it. If you are from a Middle Eastern or North African country that has a very poor economy and high unemployment (as most do), why wouldn't you hop on board the European express so you can live in Germany and have the government take care of you? Why let the actual war refugees be the sole beneficiaries of this generosity? And how can Europe stop these people from entering? They can't.

I'm all for immigration, but there has to be some rationalization to the process. In Europe it's a free for all that is going to continue to be a flood for quite some time. When you have a porous border and massive demand, this is the inevitable result.

What worries me the most is the disenfranchisement of Muslims in parts of western Europe. France is a good example. There is a LOT of tension that is boiling just below the surface, and it will eventually burst.

I used to assume that I would retire in Italy. Now I'm not so sure. I'm taking a wait and see approach.


Active member
Nov 7, 2012
CS, Colorado
What is now just boring to listen to is the out of control language by a-holes like Trump, calling everyone every name in the book. To his credit he's accurately pointing out the lame failings of Gov't programs/processes, but if he had any degree of mental capacity he'd realize that the fleeing refugees and the administrators and workers in the lame governmental PROCESSES are two distinct things..
..But that's just the start...the supply of delivery boys, to whomever...ISIS, XYZ..., will NEVER end unless the US removes the Saddam look-a-likes and gets someone in power in Baghdad to get the monetary issue stabilized with the World Bank, treats the other(ie Sunni) factions equally and makes some jobs available. Right now ISIS, to my uninformed eyesight, is the leading employer of the region...

But they have high turn over!


New member
Oct 14, 2010
New England
If only we could trade 5 lazy govt sucking Americans for every Refugee, then there'd be massive support! All things I've read are that the refugees are well educated, employed, well off people that had the sense, balls and resources to leave their homeland. 99% of the people bitching about the refugees could never endure what many of them do. I may be biased as my FIL fled his homeland and was a refugee accepted in American from Hungary in 1954. He fled with his life and has an incredible story as to how he got here. So when I hear people dis the refugees it pisses me off. FIL loved Hungry, his entire family was there, he is well educated and was happy there. Seeing he was probably going to be captured by Soviets and killed - he didn't stay behind and fight for his homeland (as people suggest Muslims do) but fled on foot without telling a soul. U.S. Americans feel powerless when we see as Ass like Trump even get a chance at president - "how does this happen? Haven't people figured out he's an idiot by now?" We feel powerless against our own country's idiots, how powerless would you feel against ISIS or Soviets? They carry guns, not just rhetoric.

And I think I understand Germany's welcoming of refugees. My neighbor is German, moved his family to US about 10 years ago for job. He owns a farm in the former Eastern Germany. He has a staff and a Manager and has done lots of remodeling of buildings in addition to the farming (timber). Managing all from the U.S. With periodic trips. I don't think it's a money making venture - more altruistic to the community. Anyhooo...he bitches and moans about all the fuckups and problems with the manager and staff. I say "fire him". He says any person with a brain has left Eastern Germany, there is no one else. Doesn't that sound like a void to be filled by smart hardworking refugees? Sounds like they need it. I bet they send them all to E Germany lol.

I feel so bad for these people - and I sign up for exchange - I could name 5 Americans to sacrifice to the cause :)


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Jun 30, 2004
South Dartmouth, Ma
A few points:
The Socialist utopia of Norway is paying refugees to GTFO.

The Socialist utopia of Denmark now has an anti-refugee policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced yesterday that the refugees in Germany are there "temporarily". There is an election about a year from now. She's getting slaughtered on the whole refugee issue and would be out of power according to polling data.

A bunch of EU countries have "temporarily" suspended the Schengen agreement for open borders. Germany. Austria. Hungary. Sweden. Hungary built a wall on the Croatia border to keep the refugees out.

Social Democracy only works if people mostly share a common language and culture. If you inject hundreds of thousands of refugees into a tiny country like Denmark, the whole thing topples over. France already has a huge Muslim permanent underclass problem from 50+ years of immigration from North Africa. There is enormous pushback on allowing even one more into the country. They want to be French.

So the Donald Trump anti-immigrant politics of deporting all the illegals and building a huge wall to keep them out is also alive and well in Europe. The world has 4 billion people and far more than half of them are dirt poor. The first world has figured out that it can't be the dumping ground for 2 billion poor people. There has been slaughter and an enormous refugee problem in Africa for decades and it never makes the media. Because Syrians can get to Europe, this particular one makes the news. I think it's really hypocritical to have the media wringing their hands in anguish about these refugees when they've been completely ignoring the problem elsewhere in the world for decades.