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Geax Goma 29in

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Jun 3, 2008
Geax Goma 29in

When it was the new kid on the block, the 29-inch wheel was, for a while, limited to lightweight riders and light-duty conditions, because the wheel manufacturers hadn't yet dialed in the formula for making these new wheels as tough as their more stout 26-inch cousins without making them enormously heavy. Naturally, then, the only tires available for a time were fairly narrow, cross-country-specific treads " but boy, have things changed. Not only are 29-inch mountain bike wheels and frames at least as tough as their 27.5-inch and 26-inch counterparts these days, but the tire selection available to them is, too. Witness the Geax Goma 29-inch tire to see how far things have come.
The Goma's tread pulls out all the stops for an all-mountain tire. A super sticky compound is formed into large, aggressive knobs that are siped and stepped for excellent mud-shedding and true high-speed tracking over both mild and highly technical terrain. Cornering is superb and progressive. Rolling resistance is low. Braking is right now. And, while Geax does offer a reinforced, tubeless-ready "TNT" version of the Goma 29, this non-TNT version still manages a high level of durability, not to mention 50 grams in weight savings, coming in at very decent 750 grams for the 2.25" version.
The Geax Goma 29in mountain bike tire comes with black sidewalls and in 2.25" and 2.4" sizes.

Price: $27.99 (45% Off!)
Regularly: $50.99

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