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Greek Peak - Central New York State - Sat. 4/6/13


Sep 8, 2008
Binghamton, NY
First - Greek Peak was recently sold at a bankruptcy auction. The new owners are 2 younger (40's) gentlemen form Elmira NY. One owns Chemung Supply company and the other owns 4 businesses. They picked up everything - The entire ski area, the adventure center (mountain coaster, zip lines, tubing center, lodge building), Hope Lake Lodge/waterpark and land (HLL is only a few years old and cost like 34 million to build, and 25 acres on which a golf course could be built, and several condos/townhouses directly across the street from the ski area. They are long time Greek skiers and have a condo there. They have young kids that ski. Anyway they only will pay a total of 7.5 million for everything - bid was for 6.75 million. (second highest bidder was a Hotel owning entity out of Canada and 3rd highest was a construction - road building company from Towanda Pa, Mr. Dirt). (speculation was that a minimum bid of 12 million would be required and everything would probably go for about 25 million). So 6.75 million is almost a steal. The Bankruptcy Judge from Syracuse and the FDIC both approved this sale. Seasons passes for next year are only $299 if bought before April 21.

So skied Greek on Sat. 4/6 from 10:00 til closing, which was 6pm. Upon arriving, I ran into Camo-John (he always wears camo pants skiing), and I asked him if the base had softened up yet and he said yes. Then I asked him if he was coming back tomorrow (Sunday), and he said "THEY ARE SAYING THEY WILL BE CLOSED TOMORROW BECAUSE OF THE FORECASTED RAIN!) Greek says they will try to open on Sat. 4/13 - seems unlikely, with next weeks weather forecast. Anyways skiing was GREAT, warm, no clouds, sun pounding down.

Here are a few pics:

Illiad trail
014 (2).jpg
Odyssey trail
Mars Hill
004 (3).jpg
Park people
Parting shot at end of day