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Guiding People in Cold Conditions


New member
Mar 14, 2013
To Many To List
So I am no guide, let that be said now. However Here is a quote from a previous post of mine:

Just shoveled the truck out, a solid 10 inches on top of the old 3 inches, starting to rain now.

Just saying, I geared up in full snow mode, goggles and all, face warmer, Snow pants as well check!!. It was snowing hard when I went out, it really comes down to what you are wearing if you hate or love snow. I hate when people introduce friends to the Winter outdoors without gear, it makes for a miserable time. Fired up a joint and headed out to shovel, with proper gear and loved it!!! I I Actually sat in the blizzard bank from the plow and reflected.

Don't let friends go out in Winter unprepared, just saying.


EDIT: Guiding people to make bright decisions in weather should be the title.
EDIT2: My chick loves snow after getting her proper gear!!
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