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Gunstock 12-13


Mar 24, 2011
**I'll put up some photos later today.**

Hiked the Ridge Trail around 1pm with the lady, pup, and a friend on Sunday.
A steep first ascent up the logging/service road to the cell tower. Views were already happening. We walked the ridge and then up some windy, tight, tree laden trail along the side of the mountain on the last mile to the summer. We didn't have a lot of time to take photos/enjoy it since dusk was closing in. I'd really like to see it all again. Very cool. We ran into a lady and her dog, the pups played some- which was surprising for our dog since she usually has no interest in any one elses dogs except our family pets. We bid the gal farewell, telling her she had a bit of a ways to go. Thankfully, she had a head lamp with her.

We came to the summit in front of the chair lift. The doggy suddenly remembered what it was to play in the patches of leftover snow from the making. She loved it. With light fading, we opted to skip the Brook trail to avoid a slip and fall or a trip, and walked down one of the intermediate runs. I always though of Gunstock as kinda tame and thus haven't skied it, but they have some decent terrain at the top half of that mountain. They have little to no snow left on the trails that they attempted to make snow, but did have a couple of runs open earlier that day- though none from the summit.

We got to the bottom, some park skiers were practicing on the WROD with some rails. We hung out, had some water, cleaned off the dog as best as possible, and headed home.

All in all, I'd like to hike it again, especially since we rushed a bit. The hike took about 3.5 hours from bottom, to top, and back again. Not bad for an estimated time on the map of 2:30 for just the Ridge trail.