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Gunstock 12/15


Active member
Nov 7, 2012
CS, Colorado

Powder and Tracked Powder

Trip Report:

While we were heading to Gunstock we experienced freezing drizzle. We were excited about the new snow and anxious to get out there. The one thing that I hate about Gunstock is hiking to the chair lift. With the powder, I thought I was going to pass out before I got to the lift. I guess the one positive is that you are automatically heated up.

We were sadden to see that Panorama was not spinning. They claim it was in wind hold and that they hoped to get it running later in the day. At least the lower lifts were running. Started heading up Ramrod Quad into Smith then lower Trigger over to Pistol Triple. We skied Side Arm (groomed easy cruiser) and Pistol which had tracked powder. Then we headed over to Ramrod on Shotgun and Lower Gunsmoke. These two trails were littered with powder moguls and was very fun to ski on. I have to say the powder was denser than I thought and runs were quad burners. From Ram Rod we completed a couple more runs and headed in for lunch.

Later we went back out and hit Tiger a couple of time which was the best trail with lots of powder bumps. Then we headed over to the Pistol Triple and decided to hit Out of Site a couple of times. This trail was also very fun but loaded with younger skiers and boarders that had no regard for other skiers and riders. I was side by side with one and he cut me off to get to a powder stash that I was heading into. He was on my right and the powder was on the left. This made me think of some threads on this site. After lapping Pistol a few times we headed back down on Shotgun and Gunsmoke once again and then decided to make a few runs off Ramrod. We hit Smith and another couple runs on Tiger. The conditions overall were fantastic, fun and a work out. It was nice since we had a Warren Miller 2 fer and the rate was only $49 for my wife and I. Gunstock is about 35 minutes from home which made it even better.

Sadly, we went in and watched the Pats game from the Powder Keg and once we walked to our truck it was even sadder since the Panorama Lift was spinning. There were people hooting and hollering excited about top to bottom runs!