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Hunter 12/14/13


New member
Nov 18, 2006
Date(s) Skied: 12/14/13

Resort or Ski Area: Hunter Mountain

Trip Report: Great conditions overall, didn't harden up until the end of the day, and that was more the result of ~9F temps, not being skied off.

ROTD was Heuga->Dropoff early, with HBK also being excellent early. Nice snow that you could do whatever you wanted with, soft enough to leave a nice wake (or spray a friend), but firm enough that you could let them run if you want.

As for other trails:

- Cliff was mediocre. Slick and fast. Good way to test the Demo Day stuff on holding an edge, but that was it.

- Racers Edge - Upper half was rock solid snowmaking whales, lower half below the entry from Ike was quite nice.

- Ike, Gun Hill - Firm but not too slick, nothing special. High speed cruising.

- Minya->Lower Crossover - Pretty good, nice snow throughout.

- ESD->Milky Way - ESD was slick, Milky Way had some great snow, although it had some erratic grooming at the bottom where the waterbars are only filled in for part of the trail width.

- Didn't hit Upper Crossover or Clairs, appeared to be solid snowmaking whales the whole way, and didn't look too enjoyable, Upper Crossover wasn't open initially.

- Belt - Surprisingly, didn't get skied off all day, good conditions.

- Colonel's Alt - More hardpack.

- Way Out - High speed cruising.

- 42nd St - Open thin cover, seemed to be natural. Nice snow, but thin cover is an apt term.

No crowds. Longest "liftline" was about 30 seconds right around 11AM, most of the day was ski on.

They picked up about 1-2" with light snow during the day, but it picked up around closing time, and driving back West to Binghamton was a blizzard, I expect tomorrow should be a great powder day.

Otherwise, today (and tomorrow) is Demo Day, tried out some Dynastar Cham 87s and was enjoying them.

keyser soze

Nov 16, 2008
I was there today and they got 10-12" since yesterday. The snow was pretty heavy but the mountain skied great. West was open for a while and then was shut down for lift problems. It reopened later, but I did not get over there at all.

They had demo day and I tried 5 different skis. Last runs were on the Fischer Watea 88. Perfect ski for the conditions. If I were getting another set of skis this season, Watea would be it hands down.

This was my first day out and my legs are screaming now even though I have been doing a bit of plyo for the last couple of weeks. I left about 2:45 and traffic was moving nicely on the freeway. The thruway was pretty clean going there, but the parkway was a bit messy.

Great day.