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Jan 12 Bromley and general update


Well-known member
Sep 17, 2012
Resort or Ski Area
Bromley Mountain
Jan 12, 2021
Snow Conditions
  1. Packed Powder
Quick update of latest skiing......

Sunday saw really nice whale skiing on Peril and Blue Ribbon, with Panic, No Name Chute and Lower Stargazer added on Monday. Still whales today but they were grooming out the runouts and likely Peril and Blue Ribbon will be fully groomed soon.

Today also showed how only 1" of new snow on top of perfect cord can really make a difference......

Snowmaking has ended on Lords Prayer, School House and Plaza. All will be opened for MLK if not before.

No indication yet if they will start up on Upper Stargazer, Little Dipper and Havoc. Those are the remaining trails for them to hit. Based on what they have done YTD they will wait for a multi-day run of teens and low 20's which is not the forecast for this week.

Natural snow trails are very close. A couple of inches and the low angle trails should open and 4"+ Shincracker/Upper Blvd/Avalanche should open.

Also, Mon-Wed they are only running two lifts, usually Express quad and Alpine (though today it's Sun double and Blue Ribbon as work is being done on Express and Alpine). They have forgone the East Meadow lift and carpet lift M-W to cut costs and/or lack of personnel.

This has been a good decision as M-W is dead quiet, even Thursday of last week too.