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Jay Peak Ski Rental (MArch 16-23)


New member
Mar 2, 2014
My self and several other college students have rented out a ski house in the town of Jay, VT. We all have season tickets and have spent 25+ days skiing Jay this winter. It is our favorite mountain. We are looking for several other college students to join us for the week of spring break. Our group is pretty chill...we just love to ski and have fun apres. We are looking to fill up the house with other like-minded people. We are not pretentious skiers/boarders and would welcome skiers or riders or other snow activity lovers of any level!!

The property is an awesome ski house near jay peak for spring break the week of March 16-23. It fits ten (10) people but there is a limited number of spots left. It's first come first first serve. The house has a couple of acres of land an outdoor fire pit, two wood stoves, a game room, and is five to ten minutes from the mountain. The rate is $1526 for the entire week, DIVIDED by how many people we get. So if we get 10 people it is ONLY 152$ per person for the entire week. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested. Firm commits will definitely be given priority.