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Katahdin and Hamlin 6/16/13


New member
Nov 12, 2010
Dover Foxcroft ME
Headed to Baxter to hike my favorite loop. Finally had decent weather on a day I could get there.
Great day. When was the last time you had a Presidential Peak to yourself on a summer Sunday. Hardly anyone at Roaring Brook lot. I passed a few on Chimney Pond Trail and a few groups on Knife Edge but had summit of Katahdin to myself, Hamlin too, but that's normal. Became a cloudy but they were high clouds and had good visibility. Could easily make out Big Squaw and Coburn which were in hazier direction so well over 50 miles. Black Flies were rough on ridges above treeline but nonexistent from Hamlin to Pamola. Very Heavy above treeline on Helon Taylor. Worst bugs were at Togue Pond gate, mosquitoes were miserable at best while checking in.

Trails were not too bad. A little muddy on Chimney Pond Trail, otherwise dry. A few patches of snow hanging on the basin walls.
LOTS of pics and full report on my blog: