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Killington 1/19/17


Well-known member
Jan 13, 2013
A minute from the Alta exit off the I-15!
Time Skied: 10-4:15
Weather: Fog, 30s
Conditions: Packed powder, wet snow

Great day at the big K!!! Ovation skiing great! They've made snow but the natural right side was the place to be!!! Outer Limits and Vertigo close seconds in the ROTD battle. Nearly killed myself going off of a very "interesting" snowmaking mound on Vertigo. The top of the trail was all natural...very predictable soft snow that skied great. Hard to explain but I thought I was hucking myself off of a 5ft ridge that was part of a catwalk. Turns out it was a 20-30ft ice drop where snowmaking had started. Saved myself but was leaning wayyyy back for the landing, landed out of control, and it took all I could to stop myself from careening into the woods trying to stop myself in the icy with snow piles mess and crap visibility. I skied VERY hard and am hurting from it...despite the fact that I am 30 pounds lighter this season and have 25 days in. The trail under the Skye gondi is nice (I think that's Needle's Eye?). Natural trails are beautiful. Woods still have a crust under them but I did duck some ropes and went off trail. Not much fun with the powder is heavy as wet cement. I didn't ski a blue trail all day. Flume, Escapade, Cascade, Catwalk, Ovation, Superstar (gulley is in very nice shape filled in with snowmaking), Powerline, Wildfire, Needle's Eye, Breakaway. No crowds to speak of, lifts were all ski on. My buddy and I had most gondola rides to ourselves. We never rode the chairlift with anyone the entire day.

Lot of laps, laughs, and snow! :snow: