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Killington 11-13,14


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2005
Stamford Ct and Stowe
Figured the weekend would be insane so i met Jim G up there. No crowds,very cold and the guns were blowing in variouse places. We hit everything that was open but the best run was top of gondi down to bunny buster were the guns were on. Conditions were pretty good,not too slick. Hit the peak lodge for very good food and beer..Then we decided to slide down the headwall..not recommended..
Yesterday was even better. Cold and windy. Decided to see how many gondi laps i could do with some chair laps as well. Storm blew in around noon and dropped 2 inches which was pretty good. Skied ridgeline which was really thin but fun. Ended the day at 310 with 25 runs in..started getting wobbly by then.