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Killington - 12/12/17 Powder day


Active member
Nov 18, 2008
Took a day off work to catch the storm today. It was raining in Boston but dumping snow all day at Killington. I haven't been there in ages and forgot how huge it is. Every trail I tried was skiing great with the surface constantly refreshed with new snow. I think they got about 8" of fresh snow during the day and should get some more tonight. Saw lots of people ducking ropes as the snow piled up. They had a lot of snow guns running today too, but not sure why since tomorrow will be a lot colder and better for snowmaking.

When it was getting close to closing time, I raced back to get one more trip up in the gondola even after my legs were toast. Overall an A+ day; best I've ever had at Killington.

The drive up and back was somewhat sketchy. I don't have snow tires, so driving in a snowstorm isn't always a picnic. The storm added about 40 minutes to my drive up.