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Killington - Dec 4 2016


New member
Jan 12, 2012
keep the faith
There was good skiing to be found at Killington today, and some not so good skiing as well. Went up with my wife and were on the mountain about 8:45. Was hoping for fresh tracks on the groomers but we took too long getting out of the house and there was really no corduroy to be found for us.

Trails weren't too overly crowded except the places you'd expect that see higher volume traffic. Only lines for lifts were the Gondola, which was like 2-3 minute wait, and North Ridge which was maybe 4 minute wait but they were playing funky music up there to entertain us.

The good:
Superstar skied great in the morning, some of the more consistent snow conditions on the mountain.
Skye Lark was the run that held us best into the afternoon and we ended our day lapping that 3x.
Mouse Trap had moguls that were somewhat well formed but you had to watch for a few rocks.
Upper Royal Flush and whatever that race training trail next to it were the best skiing of the day. Natural snow, packed and loose powder although not very deep so there were some patchy areas, but still easily avoidable and a pleasure to ski the good kind of snow.

Not so good:
Powerline and Ridge Run were open but shouldn't have been. Maybe yesterday they were fine but today upper Ridge Run had a lot of exposed lawn and rock. So much that it wasn't even totally avoidable. I didn't even ski Powerline after skiing upper Ridge Run and then seeing Powerline looking about the same from the lift.
The upper trail under the quad on Snowdon was ungroomed but these were the worst bumps ever, like they were made by only snowboarders or something. Just wasn't feeling them.
They opened Great Bear (or something Bear over on Snowdon) later in the day but again it was thin cover and they should give a discount for skiing that because you're helping them mow the lawn.

All in all not bad for December 4. Some of the trails were like firm-firm-firm-snowpile and that stuff can be hard on the legs especially when visibility is not great and the snowpile sneaks up on you real quick. So whatever was consistent, be it consistently firm, consistently soft or consistently bumpy I enjoyed the most.