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Killington St Paddys Day


Well-known member
Mar 14, 2008
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
A fun day at the Beast. Got my Spring Pass Saturday at Pico (see Pico TR) and headed to Killington on Sunday. Cold cold cold but the skiing was good. Skiing with the wife so it was mostly a day of groomers. Skied all of Rams Head across to Snowdon since I figured it will be shed at somepoint and the main basin area will remain open. (main reason we skied Pico Saturday). Everything skied very well and there was little if any signs of Tuesdays rain. Squeeze Play was a little boney and had a tricky stream crossing in it but it was fun. Very little in the way of crowds so lots of runs. Bumps on Mouse Trap were freshly seeded and a snowgun was running in that area all day. Wife had had enough of the cold by about 1:30 so I got out for a few by myself (the boy was off, later found out he was over on the Fiddle which he said was good). Hit Patsey's and one of my favorite Killington runs Low Rider. They both were skiing great.

One of the best things I saw all day was the Beast was blowing snow big time on Superstar and Sky Lark and a small section of Mouse Trap. I'm glad to see that I think I will be getting my moneys worth out of this spring pass. Plan on being back up after Utah for the BMMC and beyond.


Lake Hopatcong, NJ