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Lezyne Hecto Drive Front Light

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Jun 3, 2008
Lezyne Hecto Drive Front Light

When you want a simple, lightweight headlight to pop into your bag for those days when you get stuck riding home as the sun is setting, the Lezyne Hecto is the perfect fit. It's clean style is only matched by its convenience and packability.
Three long-lasting LEDs are encased in a dome-like structure which features a 180 degree visibility so that you are seen from the side as well as the front. Additionally, the MOR optics (Maximum Optical Reflection) produce a uniform power beam that is wider, smoother, and brighter allowing for more optimal light ahead of the user. To make sure you always know the Hecto has juice in it, three colors of indicator lights sit within the on/off button --red, green, and blue. And, when it's time for the battery to be jump-started, the end cap conceals an integrated USB stick for fast, cable-free charging. Now you won't have to schlep cables back and forth between work and home to ensure your lights are always charged.
The Hecto attaches to a wide-range of handlebars via a snap-fit Composite Matrix mount that cradles the light. It is secured with a multi-position silicon rubber strap for tool-less installation.
Five modes provide from 50 to 100 lumens in variable flash patterns. Maximum burn time is the Pulse setting which gives you ten hours at 50 lumens. Even on the brightest mode, Blast, burn time is still a generous 2.5hours.
The Lezyne Hecto Drive Front Light weighs 47grams and is available in Black/hi-gloss and Polish/hi-gloss.

Price: $17.99 (48% Off!)
Regularly: $34.99

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