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LIKE NEW Contour+ Cameras for sale!


New member
Oct 31, 2012
Some friends and I are selling our cameras for the next revolution Contour released.
They're barely used. Paypal required! Description below (from ebay):

GPS enabled; Removable Rechargeable Battery; HDMI out for streaming direct to your HDTV

Bluetooth Enabled, Use your iPhone4, 3GS, 3G, iPod Touch, and Android Device as a view finder and to change camera settings
The Contour+ is packed full of filmmaking features that you might not know you need until you dive into the next project. Start with the legendary ContourHD video quality, offering an array of resolutions and frame rates as well as a 5 megapixel still mode.

Also included is industry-leading GPS recording that tracks speed, location, and elevation four times per second. Bottom line - the Contour+ is stacked with everything you need to get the shot and tell the story.

Equipped with an external 2.5mm microphone jack. This audio capability allows you to improve and open up your sound options from interviews to getting audio in difficult or once unattainable situations. Use it with a high quality external microphone or headset to really get pro quality audio.


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