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Loon 1/2/17


Dec 10, 2008
Suburban sprawl north of Boston
Went to Loon on Monday with my boys. We haven't been able to do much more than day trips so far this ski season due to work/holidays/colds/etc. That will change next week. But with Max Passes and living north of Boston - Loon is a good day trip mountain for us. I figured that the last day of break wouldn't be as busy as people would be winding down. Largely turned out to be be true - some crowds mid-morning but by the afternoon is was pretty much ski on everywhere.

We had gone to Loon about 5 days earlier, before the snow storm. The storm did make a big difference. I kind of expected it to be already skied off but it really wasn't. The iciness of the previous week really improved and while there were places where it was still icy - it was a lot better. We even got into the woods over at Walking Boss Woods. It was OK but pretty thin and boney as every kid on the mountain was ducking in there and the cover was getting skied off fast. The best part of this day was how sunny and nice it was. The views and sunshine were spectacular.

The highlight of the day/ROTD was our last 2 runs. We had parked at South Peak and we headed back there for a late lunch. After we came back out it was pretty empty. We had been eyeballing the woods to the right of the of the South Peak lift, "Undercut". It was closed/roped but looked like it would be OK. So with very light crowds and no ski patrol in sight we ducked the ropes and skied it twice to finish our day. It was thin but there was just enough cover to make it OK. Top was pretty sketchy/thin but it got progressively better as you dropped. I had never skied this run before as it is almost always closed. I was surprised a what good glade run it is. Some steeps, rocks, jumps, etc and a great fall line. The best part was how it faced back towards the setting sun. Late in the day we were sun-drenched for both runs.

I didn't have my camera or gopro with me so I could only take a couple of crappy cell phone pics. These are all from Undercut.

My oldest and youngest at the top of Undercut:
Loon 1-2-17.jpg

Mid trail:
Loon2 1-2-17.jpg

Looking at the sunset from mid-Undercut:
Loon3 1-2-17.jpg


Well-known member
Mar 14, 2008
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
I have yet been able to find the time to write a report and post some pics for Loon the day before. I thought the snow coverage was good on trail but admit I did not venture in the woods. Spent the majority of the day doing Gondola cruisers with the wife which held up well. Did some bumps on Flume, where the snow was good, light bad @ 1:45 in the afternoon, but shied away from Triple Trouble and Big Dipper this trip though both looked good. (the downside of not having the boy with us). I hope both are open in March when we go up there again. I look forward to the higher sun angle then as Flume was scary dark (flat light) just before 2.


Lake Hopatcong, NJ


Active member
Dec 13, 2014
Boston, MA
The super flat light starting at 1pm in December and early January can be very unsettling when you're not used to it! Sun drenched runs are the best indeed.