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Loon Mountain Service Road Trail


New member
Aug 14, 2018
Boston, MA
Has anyone hiked up the Loon Mountain Service Road Trail lately? It has been six or seven years since I've been up it and I see virtually no mention of it online anymore.

Certainly not ideal hiking conditions (generally loose gravel and dirt road), but my son is interested in giving it a shot since he loves skiing there in the winter (wants to see the trails in the summer and isn't quite ready to tackle the trail/bushwhack ascent to North Peak that many do for the NEHH. As I recall, the access road sort of goes along Lower Bear Claw to Grand Junction to Upper Bear Claw and Exodus.

I guess my questions are:

1. Is it still cool (allowed) to hike up that service road?
2. Are they sticklers about buying a summer gondola ticket if you hike up and ride back down? I used to be able to sneak on the gondola down no problem.

I'm thinking this is better posted here than the skiing forum, but I could be wrong!