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Lost Ski Area: Tour of Blue Marsh Ski Area, formerly Heidelberg Ski Club


Dec 16, 2013
Upper Bucks/Lehigh Valley, PA
Hey all,

First off thanks again to pointing me in the direction of some ski lift historical resources. I've been planning this project for a while and finally am getting started on collating some of the history of local ski areas which have closed, along with touring the areas today and documenting what's left.

I put together the first installment in what I hope will be a long series of such visits going forward. I wanted to get some community feedback, as well as share with as many people as I could. I know there's a lot of fond memories around local ski hills, and I hope I can preserve some of that.

I'm starting in my own local PA/NJ area and planning on spreading out from there. There are trips planned, and I've been having a great time digging around and researching, as well as learning some of NE's very unique ski history.

And of course if you've got any memories to share, or info feel free to drop me a line! Oh, and corrections are welcome too!