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Loveland 11/20/2016


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Nov 7, 2012
CS, Colorado
Conditions: packed powder

After the WROD we skied last Sunday this Sunday was a treat. We arrived around 10 and skied 5 runs before we had lunch. We immediately noticed all the ski teams again and there were many surprises. The northeast was very well represented with BMA there again amongst the college teams like Colby College, Colby Sawyer, Boston College, Middlebury College, Plymouth State from New England amongst local teams lime Winter Park Steamboat, Eldora and naturally Loveland. They had gates set up over at Loveland Valley but were training on Loveland Basin side as well. I spoke to some of the eastern racers and asked why they were in Colorado and said the there was really nothing back east. I asked about Killington and they said it was too crowded and did not have a good sustained run to set up a course.

They did open additional terrain off Chair 2. Really a beginner run bur in really nice shape. The original run the was icy last week was resurfaced with the natural and additional MM. It too was in great shape. That run skied very fast even as temps climbed into the 40s. The morning was very sunny and clouded up in the afternoon.

The afternoon saw the trails getting cut up and bumps were forming which were playful and varies the run to make it more interesting.

We thought about hitting the Valley runs where there were two. One very short beginner run and a little longer run where the gates were set up. In the end we bagged that idea.

Though the main run is a green trail it has great pitch and would probably be considered a blue run back east.

We really had a blast and found it to be one of the best early skiing days we ever had considering limited terrain. With a couple systems coming in this week we are stoked to see additional terrain open.


Our son and my wife




Race skis everywhere with lots of empty racks


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Jan 13, 2012
Western New England
Nice Pics! I'm hoping to get to the Love this season, its "cheap" with no BS. If you are there for the new snow, keep the pics coming.
Last shot seems typical nowadays, I must of stepped on a dozen at Mt. snow last year.