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Magic 2/17


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Sep 17, 2012
Spent this morning at Magic. Man made trails all groomed to perfection and looking like they will hold up all day. Good base on natural snow trails if a bit firm, and the steeps do have some spots requiring awareness. As one would expect the natural trails that had not been groomed this weekend had spots of frozen granular and ice crust but were very skiable. Lower angle naturals had all been groomed since last storm, though not today, and were good with excellent coverage. The mountain is set up for a great powder day once the snow gods decide to smile.

Lines were very manageable - somewhere between 5-10 at peak pre-lunch. Might get more crowded after lunch as Lot B was full.

U14 race on Talisman to challenge the youngsters with probably the steepest race they’ll have all year. Bummed I couldn’t ski it but great that the best race trail south of Killington was in action. There is obviously a deep base.

Some pics.

Sunday arrival

Looking up “Up Your Sleeve”

Talisman race


Here most of this week so I hope tomorrow’s storm is all white......