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Magic Mountain 2/3/20 - FREE!


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Oct 31, 2005
Somewhere Outside
No Boundaries free ski day!

Arrived at about 9:40 to a steady but light stream of people heading for the lodge. Already knew a great day was on tap. I thought this could have been a cluster f#$% but no.
Walked by the ticket window and scoffed up our tickets in about 10 seconds. Plenty of room to spread out in the lodge and gear up.

Weather was cool and wintery with a breeze at the top. Cloudy, spring like, and no wind at the base.
There was a good crowd but nothing overwhelming. All the chairs were being filled, but at most I say there were no more than twenty people in the lift line at any point - if that - until 1:00, then it was just ski on. Definitely had a weekend feel, no way it felt like a Monday.

Conditions exceeded expectations. Only Wizard to Talisman on the west side was open (ROTD). It was a great run that made you want more and more. Some variable conditions but plenty of lines to ski. Nice to see a deep base on upper wizard that should last into spring. Trick skied sweet, did that a few times. Perhaps the best secret however (thanks for the tip the other day Mr. Groomer), was how good Up Your Sleeve was. Vertigo was still pretty good too. A few of the East Side Naturals had to be skied more carefully, and only once. Need to fix a divot tonight.

Couldn’t peel ourselves away from the skiing so we didn’t hit lunch until 1:30. Good crowd in the cafeteria, and in the BLT. Beer was great, food was great. Band was setting up and we caught their soundcheck. It turned out to be some 5/10-minute bluesy rock song that was just fantastic.
Got us fired up for a few more runs until we called it quits around 3:45.

Thank You No Boundaries. Great job of hosting by Magic. The staff was doing a lot of multitasking busting their humps, and all the customers seemed happy (of course, free skiing). Said hi to Do Work bumping chairs giving Dave a breather. The magic crew has done a tremendous job!
Was a great day!

Was nice seeing all the chairs filled!


Up Your Sleeve:

Shot of Goniff. There is a base. So close. We need a dump to go off the hook.

Closing time. Coming down to hop on ole red probably around 3:30.

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Sep 17, 2012
Great report, and seems like a very successful day all around. Skied on Saturday and the snowmaking trails were primo. Natural base soooo close and with todays 4-5" and hopefully another 3-4" post mix and they will be set up. Just need this pattern to get a smidge colder and these mix storms will be all snow.