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Magura USA MT4 Disc Brake

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Jun 3, 2008
Magura USA MT4 Disc Brake

Sharing the general design of the top-tier MT8, Magura's MT4 is a value-minded package that gains a sub-40 gram weight penalty. Due to trickle-down technology, you're able to expect the same smooth application of power and consistent lever feel as Magura's top-shelf products, onlywithout the premium.
The MT4's master cylinder is manufactured from CarboTecture, a carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic that provides incredible strength and stiffness at a very low weight. And the assembly features EBT (Easy Bleed Technology) in order to ensure mess-free bleeding. Magura gives the MT4 tool-free lever positioning for fine tuning lever ergonomics. Meanwhile, a low-profile clamp and reservoir design provide plenty of space for positioning shifters and remotes around the master cylinder. Even better, it's able to be mounted 'moto style' without hindering bleed port access.
The caliper features a double arch design that's similar to Magura's fork crowns. This adds stiffness to an otherwise ultralight caliper body. A banjo fitting on the MT4's two piston, forged aluminum, post-mount caliper makes for clean line routing on current frame designs. And to ensure that there's no unwanted drag, Magura gave the piston seals a special treatment. So, they retract under dirty and dusty conditions. The pistons are made of a thermoplastic that insulates the fluid from heat generated by the pads, which helps keep braking consistent during steep descents.
Magura continues to use magnets to help hold the steel-backed organic pads in place, but has made pad changes even easier with a top-loading design. This also adds an upper-window to further vent heat, enhancing stopping power while increasing life. And, if you've ever struggled with installing your wheel due to aligning the rotor into the caliper, you'll appreciate the chamfer that Magura adds to help guide the rotor in between the pads.
The Magura MT4 Disc Brake is available in one size and in the color Black/white.

Price: $89.99 (48% Off!)
Regularly: $174.00

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