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MAX pass insurance claim anyone?


Well-known member
Mar 2, 2008
Lower Hudson Valley
Has anyone done, or know someone who has, cancelled their MAX pass and gotten their pass insurance back?

Specific to MAX pass.

I have some changes in both my personal and work situation that may require a realignment of my season. The change I believe are "qualifying event". Whether I cancel the pass depends on how much I can get back.

I called them yesterday but unfortunately just a few hours too late to catch them during their office hours. Reading the insurance policy online, it only said refund are "pro rated". It's not clear what they're prorated on.

Last year, when I got laid off, I had to do the same calculation on my MCP. The decision ended up being NOT to cancel. But that was a much cheaper pass (also partly because I bought early). This time, the MAX cost me almost twice as much so the calculation may come out differently. Also, the insurance policy look different, probably different company too (I don't remember)

So if anyone had done the same in the past few years and remembers vaguely on what base they do the "pro rate" on would be quite helpful.