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Mohawk Mountain 2/7/14


New member
Jan 22, 2014
Western CT
Time Skied: 3:45pm to 8:15pm
Weather: clear/sunny, cold with winds and temperatures in the low teens and upper 20's
Conditions: packed powder

Once again, both the Arrowhead and Bolder Summit Triple chairs were open which helped with the crowds. However, I think that there were less people there than usual because of the cold and persistent winds (wind chill in low teens). As usual, I did the non-night skiing trails when I first got there: Chute, Route 100, The Rapids, Pinnacle, Ledges, and Deer Run. Chute and Deer Run had some fun glades off of them and the glades to the skiers left of Mohawk were probably THE BEST :razz: that I've seen them. They still had some powder and not too many people had gone through them which made them an excellent experience. I could not resist and went down the old power line area that is to the left of the Mohawk chair. Nice, untouched powder in there :grin:! As for the regular trails, the coverage was really good I did not find much, if any, ice spots. Most of the snow was soft, which made it excellent to carve into and make those awesome turns. As night came, the conditions did not change too much. The snow got moved around a little, but still limited ice. Timber and Wildwood delivered some excellent turning snow. I had some of my best runs of the night on Wildwood. Arrowhead had the best coverage on it with some awesome snow for turning. This awesome night definitely deserves an A. :cool: