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Mont Orford - 12/20 and 12/21/04


New member
Dec 22, 2003
Resort: Mont Orford

Date Skied: 12/20 and 12/21/04

Conditions: -12F to 0, cold, loose snow over hard pack and some ice, sun & clouds, some wind.

Trip Report:

Monday was my first day out for the season. It was cloudy and cold with the famous cloud at the summit. I think it was snowing and the snow making We had received about 2 inches of snow Sunday night as the cold from approached. As it went from 34 degrees to -12 on Monday morning. Orford was not very crowded and had the Mont Giroux lift and the T-bar open. The gondola / chair lift hybrid was closed as was the Rapido triple, so there was no skiing from the summit. I think it was a wind hold or a temperature related item. When I pulled into the lot, it looked as if it was operating.

Basically there was about 6 trails open from the top of Giroux. Man was it cold! I managed about 4 hours of skiing.

Tuesday started off sunny and when I was at the base the temperature was 0. There was no wind so it felt a lot better than Monday. The Giroux Quad, T-Bar and the Hybride lift were open so today there was skiing from the summit.

I almost did not ski on Tuesday some 12 to 13yr old tried to swipe my SnowBlades as I momentarily placed them on the rack unlocked.